Hybrid work life

Knowledge workers will work with others that are not in the same location most of the time

It does not matter if you think people should work from an office or not.

It does not matter if this is an interim stage while phasing in a return to the office, or a more lasting change.

It does not matter what the “right” HR, safety and security policies…

Hybrid work life

This talk explores how #projectmanagers can use the #covid19 crisis as an opportunity to redesign their projects for a post pandemic world. Specifically;
- How the role of the Project Manager must evolve to increase clarity, purpose and connection
- How to incorporate #talent from anywhere
- How we can be more purposeful in designing an environment for #inclusion of all voices

Full video of a talk on Hybrid Work presented in April 2021 at the University of Maryland Project Management Symposium.

Originally published at https://zzeepartners.com on June 7, 2021.

Hybrid work life

Let’s not forget some of the things that were not so great about office life.

As COVID-19 cases are dropping and vaccines are being rolled out the discussion to return to work will intensify. Being able to connect with people in real life is one thing we all miss about the office. But, we should ask ourselves “Was the Pre pandemic way of working really…

A LinkedIn search reveals 2.64 million profiles that refer to themselves as “data driven”. I believe a true data driven decision is about as common as getting struck by lightning. We are human beings. Our decisions are shaped by our beliefs, biases, and emotions. We use data and logic to justify our decisions.

Not convinced? Let’s say you agreed to make a decision based on data; 60% or higher we move forward, otherwise we stop. The data comes back as 59.7%. What is you initial gut response?

  • “I knew it. This was a bad idea; I have been saying this all along.” or
  • “This will be rounded up to 60%. This proves it works as expected. Let’s go for it!”

The data is the same. The only difference is your reaction, based on your preferred outcome.


How to get your team to open up about what could go wrong

Getting your team to have an open and constructive conversation about future risks and challenges is hard, even for the best of teams.

Consider the case of Adam (not his real name), a VP for a large global healthcare company. He built a new team with a mission to streamline…

Success Theater means hitting short term goals while burning out your people, burning bridges, or eroding longer term business prospects. It means reporting “Green” status while things are going off the rails.

When Alan Mulally joined Ford as CEO in 2006 the company was in bad shape and Success Theater…

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