Hybrid work life

Hybrid work is inevitable

Knowledge workers will work with others that are not in the same location most of the time

Steven Gruyters
1 min readJun 15, 2021

It does not matter if you think people should work from an office or not.

It does not matter if this is an interim stage while phasing in a return to the office, or a more lasting change.

It does not matter what the “right” HR, safety and security policies are.

The reality is that your people will work with others that are NOT in the same location MOST of the time.

Let’s focus on how we can set people up for success.

Teach them a Framework to help shape their thinking about work.

Teach them the Tools to translate this into action.

Teach them the Techniques to effectively work together across boundaries.

As the manager; experiment, learn and grow together with your team.

Always assume good intent.

Originally published at https://zzeepartners.com on June 15, 2021.



Steven Gruyters

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